HandyGrip Cultivator
The ergonomic handle for arthritic patients 
Poplar, Finish, Steel Wires| Fall 2019
Why? : To alleviate the strain on the hands of arthritic patients 
How? : Extensive online and in-person research into the optimal handle shape in gardening tools for arthritic patients. Shaping and sanding poplar wood and bending steel wires to produce the working and looks-like prototype.
Who? :  Arthritic patients or simply people who prefer a handier gardening tool
Click on the image below to view my full product presentation. 
My target audience persona: Gertrude's before and after. Created using Adobe Illustrator. 
Preliminary sketches
Field testing by mimicking the limitations in movement of arthritic patients with gauze and tape
First model which requires both hands
Second model achieved by hand-squeezing pasticine
Third models carved with blue foam

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